<b>Meggie Grand Theater project in Shanghai</b>

Meggie Grand Theater project in Shanghai

The scheme integrates the audio video system, network system, signal shielding system, sound amplifying system and other LED display systems required for all theaters to fully fit the stage application and form an effective and complete audi...

<b>Heng De, R & D and cultivation base</b>

Heng De, R & D and cultivation base

  Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau issued the notice of "2015 Qingdao enterprise R & D center cultivation base list", and 12 enterprises such as HSI de science and Technology Co., Ltd. have been approved to o...

<b>Guangzhou International Exhibition</b>

Guangzhou International Exhibition

The annual "China (Guangzhou) international professional lighting, sound Exhibition" and "Guangzhou (International) performing equipment, intelligent sound and light product technology exhibition" was held as scheduled. As a professional dig...

<b>Heng de products go out of the country</b>

Heng de products go out of the country

The United States LDI international light and sound technology exhibition, hosted by PENTON MEDIA in October 23, 2015, is held in the western city of Las Vegas, one of the world's most leading lighting and audio technology exhibitions. After...

<b>Heng de stage supervision participate the art exhibition</b>

Heng de stage supervision participate the art exhibition

As a great cultural country, the development of stage art has attracted much attention. Shandong is a major opera province. The creation of stage art often brings forth new and refreshing highlights, some of which are popular classics. This ...

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